So Your a Dispatcher

Why yes, yes, I am a dispatcher. I work for my local police department as a 9-1-1 Operator and Dispatcher. I chose to do this job to take care of the folks that respond to calls in my city. I enjoy my job greatly, however it is very frustrating and taxing. It is not physically demanding at all, as I sit on my butt all day and use a key board, however it is emotionally and mentally draining. See I am going to tell you what the media and society does not. See I feel like the ordinary citizen in our great county does not know what we do all day at work. Hell, even our government classifies us a administrative and secretarial workers!! I am here to tell you that could not be more wrong!! Yes, we do A LOT of paperwork, but that is just one aspect of this multifaceted job. I began my journey in 2016 as what our Chief calls an Emergency Communications Specialist. I happen to agree with this title completely. We do not just answer a phone and transfer a call. Our department works with 2 Dispatchers on shift at a time each of which is responsible for 7 computer monitors, and 3 sets of camera screens that show roughly 50 camera angles around our city. We are certified to use confidential government programs as well as take emergency and non emergency calls. See when my phone rings at work the person on the other end is very often having one of the worst days of their lives. It is my job to calm them down, gain information about the incident and relay that to the correct responding officers, or firemen in real time. All of this is completed simultaneously with ensuring that all other calls that are going on are being taken care of and that all other officers, and firemen are safe. Just imagine being 1 of only 2 people for an 8-12 hour period that answers all phone calls to the police department in a city that has over 40,000 people in it! You can imagine it gets rather busy and hectic at times. This is not to mention keeping up with all radio traffic that the officers have as well as the all important paperwork aspect of the job as well.

What I am trying to say here is simple I LOVE MY JOB, however it does not get the recognition or credit that it deserves. Personally my officers are awesome and do show their appreciation for us and for that I am thankful. The general public needs to be educated on what law enforcement communications workers go through and do for them on a daily basis. So if you are reading this and not in the law enforcement family educate yourself on what those hidden people that you never see but talk to when you call for help do and go through and maybe thank them in some way. Believe me they miss just as many events and holidays with their families as the Police Officers and Firefighters that they work with do.

-Jimmy911 quote

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