Well folks it’s that time of year again. The holidays, or as I like to still call them, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I understand that it might make things easier to tell someone happy holidays, instead of happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas, but we still tell people Happy Veterans Day, Happy New Year, Happy Independence Day, why do we change it for Thanksgiving and exponentially Christmas?? Oh yeah, that’s right we wouldn’t want to upset some soft skinned-liberal-snowflake by forcing our Christian Religion on them by say Merry Christmas now would we! I say, I couldn’t care less what a millennial feels when I say something to them. I find it interesting that our society continues to try and take Christianity out of any and everything they can, but wants to bend over backwards to “integrate” any and all other religions. Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe you should be free to practice whichever religion that you want, but you should not be allowed to try and minimize a religion that has not only been in the country for a long time, but was one of the founding principles of the country. In short MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


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