The world we live in

The world we live in today is crazy, scary, violent, and UNSECURED! My time in combat taught me these 4 life lessons, being a husband and a dad cemented them into my every waking moment. If this is the case why don’t we as a country secure our boarder? Oh, yeah I forgot it is in-humane to keep people out of our country, at least that is what the liberals would have you believe. But they are the same people that live in houses and communities surrounded by walls, and armed security. As a society we lock our doors on our houses, we lock our cars, why should our countries boarder be any different? Secure the boarder and have everyone come into the country legally through the proper channels. What do we do with the illegals that are already here you ask? Send them back home, that simple they are criminals and should not be here.

End of rant


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